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3M Simmental Ranch has been breeding Simmental cattle and producing quality meat products since 1981. Old-fashioned beef jerky, pepperoni, garlic stix, sausage, beef patties, lean ground beef, bratwurst, smokies, steaks and roasts are among the ranch’s most popular products. All of 3M Simmental Ranch’s cattle are raised humanely without the use of hormones or antibiotics, and all of the meat produced is BC Certified Grain Fed for quality assurance.

Meet Monty & Darlene Furber

Meet Monty & Darlene Furber

Monty and Darlene Furber moved to the 100 Mile House area to raise Simmental cattle in 1981. Since then, the couple has been active in business as well as the farming community. From the start, the Furber’s made a commitment to producing the best possible quality cattle, both for breeding purposes and for their meat products. Their stock was hormone, antibiotic free and grain-fed long before those terms were pop-culture. It was simply a natural progression to market their beef that way, says Darlene. It proved to be a wise strategy, since more and more people want to know where their food has come from and how it was produced.

The Furber’s have been active in 4-H since the late 1980's, first as parent volunteers and then in various leadership positions later on and to the present. They are both members of the Highway 24 Lions Club. One of their favourite things to do these days is to spend time with their grandchildren, whom they love taking camping and ATV riding.

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