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Mikkelsen Construction Ltd. has been building homes and cabins in Logan Lake since 1997. One of Flemming Mikkelsen’s biggest sources of pride is in the work of his crew who get the work right the first time.

Part of the reason Mikkelsen Construction is well known for its quality workmanship is the fact that the company focuses on just one or two projects at a time, so they’re able to focus all of their time, attention and workmanship on the project at hand.

Mikkelsen Construction values its relationships with its customers because Flemming and his crew understand that a good relationship helps develop a good reputation. Mikkelsen Construction is deeply appreciative of its past and present customers. Few things give Flemming more of a thrill than to drive past one of the homes built by his company.

Meet Flemming Mikkelsen

Meet Flemming Mikkelsen

Flemming Mikkelsen was a Journeyman Joiner by trade, having been trained in his home country of Denmark. So when he moved to Canada, the construction industry was a natural choice for him. After a few years of living in Bamfield, BC, he and his family moved to Logan Lake and in 1997 Flemming started Mikkelsen Construction Ltd.

He chose Logan Lake because it was a good fit for his children, who were teenagers at the time. The family also appreciates the four seasons weather that Logan Lake receives, since they are avid outdoor lovers.

Besides its natural, pristine beauty, Flemming also appreciated the people of Logan Lake. The family quickly learned that Logan Lake is a friendly community with a low crime rate, making it an ideal place to raise a family and to run a business.

Flemming believes that his community has given him a great deal and he enjoys being able to give back. He and his company support the Arts Council, the Senior's Society and the Logan Lake Lions Club.

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