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Logan Lake Pharmacy and Telepharmacy has been filling prescriptions and providing professional and insightful information and advice to local residents for decades. Logan Lakers have come to rely on Logan Lake Pharmacy and Telepharmacy for a variety of health-related needs.

In addition to getting prescriptions filled, Logan Lake Pharmacy and Telepharmacy also carries a complete range of pain relievers, cold and flu medicines, first aid products, vitamins and nutritional supplements and much more.

Customers can browse all of the store’s fabulous products while waiting for their prescriptions to be filled. Logan Lake Pharmacy and Telepharmacy also carries a wide variety of assorted products like beauty supplies, gifts, toys and games.

Meet Dona Radomsky & Steve Wowchuk

Meet Dona Radomsky & Steve Wowchuk

Pharmacy manager, Dona Radomsky, is committed to the health of her clients. Dona has more than three decades of experience as a pharmacist and has continued upgrading her education and experience since graduating from the University of Albert with her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSc Pharm) degree 38 years ago. In fact, Dona recently participated in the UBC Rural Influenza program as well as the pilot BC Medication Management Program.

Steve Wowchuk is the newest pharmacist at Logan Lake Pharmacy and Telepharmacy and a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia. In addition to dispensing medication, Steve is also able to inject flu shots and vaccines, providing an important service to the people of Logan Lake, particularly those with increased health risks.

Both Dona and Steve work hard to keep up-to-date on the latest medical and pharmaceutical information in an effort to better serve their clients. They are proud to serve the public in a community of people who are quick to look out for one another. They also enjoy the abundance of outdoor activities that are within a stone's throw of Logan Lake. Dona is a director for the Sun Country Community Futures region and Steve plays in the recreation hockey league in Logan Lake.

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