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Copper Valley Restaurant has been serving hungry locals and visitors alike since 1979. Long-time Logan Lakers have fond memories attached to the popular restaurant. The menu and staff have changed over the years, but current owner Arlene Garbet, who purchased the business in 2009, has worked hard to ensure that the restaurant retains its small-town, home-style feel. Customers rave about the chef and return regularly for their menu favourites. Busy Logan Lakers are especially fond of the restaurant’s unique and convenient “build-your-own” lunch menu. Likewise, young and old enjoy the weekly Chinese food buffet.

Meet Arlene Garbet

Meet Arlene Garbet

Copper Valley Restaurant owner, Arlene Garbet, has a passion for feeding hungry people, but not just any food will do. Her mission is to provide a menu that incorporates fresh ingredients, variety and loving preparation. Arlene is proud of her talented chef and also of the unique items that the restaurant offers. The build-your-own lunch menu is one, as well as the restaurant's stir-fry dishes made with fresh meat and veggies.

Arlene's passion for satisfying hunger extends beyond the walls of the restaurant. Arlene is an dedicated supporter of the Logan Lake Food Bank.

19 Apex Dr
Logan Lake, BC V0K 1W0


4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Wednesday to Sunday
6:00 am - 8:00 pm

Closed Mondays