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Copper Pub has long been a favourite local gathering place for Logan Lake residents as well as visitors. The food draws visitors in but the casual, welcoming atmosphere entices them to return again and again. Pub guests can enjoy a friendly game of pool or just sit back and relax during their special event. The Copper Pub is open for private parties or special events for up to 130 people.

Meet Arlene Garbet

Meet Arlene Garbet

When Arlene Garbet bought the Copper Pub in 2009 she knew she was purchasing a piece of Logan Lake history. The pub has been a favourite with locals and visitors alike for more than three decades. One of the things that Arlene likes best about owning the Copper Pub is getting to know all of her guests. Many are regulars who come back again and again for the good food, warm atmosphere and entertainment; many others are visitors and on vacation. Everyone has a story, just like the Copper Pub itself, and it all lends warmth and character to the popular venue. Arlene loves the fact that so many people who live in Logan Lake think of the Copper Pub as their "home away from home." It's a place where people enjoy connecting, visiting, relaxing, having fun and meeting new people. In Logan Lake "people like to party!" adds Arlene.

Arlene appreciates the business her customers bring in to the pub and thanks to their support she is able to give back to the community. Arlene and her staff are strong supporters of Breakfast Club of Canada.

19 Apex Dr
Logan Lake, BC V0K 1W0


Open for private bookings for special events.

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