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Join Xwísten Experience Tours to experience the traditional fishing grounds of the St’at’imc people and witness the traditional practice of wind-preserving salmon. Tours include a visit to a replica pithouse (S7istken) at an important archaeological village that contains over 80 cultural depressions. The educational tour through beautiful landscape concludes with a barbeque salmon meal on the banks of the river.

The general public is welcome to visit and enjoy a delicious barbeque burger by the riverside. There is a full concession menu available at the Bearfoot Grill.

The Xwísten Experience Tours and the Bearfoot Grill is a member of the Lillooet Chamber of Commerce and the Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC.

Meet Bridge River Indian Band

Meet Bridge River Indian Band

The Bridge River Indian Band owns and operates the Xwísten Experience Tours and the Bearfoot Grill Concession and Florence Jack, Finance Manager/Assistant Administrator is the manager. Florence explained that the Bridge River Indian Band started Xwísten Experience Tours and Bearfoot Grill Concession to create employment opportunities for their members and to share their history with the world. Six members are hired annually to work at the Tours and Concession, many of which can speak to the rich experience of meeting the tourists and sharing their rich cultural history.

Florence appreciates living in a small town because the people are so friendly and everything is close by and convenient. She likes that the businesses in town are good at recommending one another and are supportive of new people coming into town to start businesses.

5202 Lillooet Pioneer Rd 40 Hwy
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