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Winners Edge Sporting Goods is a retail sporting goods store that offers a wide array of sports and fitness equipment. They have stylish, comfortable and functional clothing, footwear and accessories for all your sporting and recreational needs. They carry modern and reliable equipment for sports such as hockey and biking as well as a full line of fishing, camping and hunting equipment. Customers of Winners Edge Sporting Goods are impressed with the in-store selection and the great service.

At Winners Edge Sporting Goods the staff are happy to help customers find the perfect gear and get the right fit so that people can excel at their sport and be equipped to enjoy their hobby.

Meet Steven Alain

Meet Steven Alain

Steven grew up in Lillooet and appreciates the friendly people that keep the community vibrant. He likes the small town pace of life in Lillooet - with zero traffic jams or traffic lights. There are many active sports teams in Lillooet that are successful in part because of the many hours of volunteer time that coaches, parents and society volunteers all contribute. Steven is pleased to be part of the local sport scene and is passionate about sports. This passion was the main motivator to opening his own business, Winners Edge Sporting Goods in Lillooet's downtown core.

Winners Edge Sporting Goods is located near the bank, the post office, the District of Lillooet office and the DeOro Coffee Lounge. Everything is conveniently nearby in Lillooet. Steven enjoys being an entrepreneur and is proud of the compliments he receives from both the tourists and the locals. When he isn't busy at work he likes to get outdoors with his family and fish. Steven, of course also spends much of his time happily playing and coaching all kinds of sports.

644 Main St
Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0


Monday to Saturday
9:30 am - 6:00 pm

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm