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Splitrock Environmental Sekw’el’was is an award-winning aboriginal-owned business that specializes in environmental services, ecological restoration and propagation of native plants. Visitors can walk amongst the native plants and wildlife of the area and feel the connection to St’at’imc culture. They offer self-guided eco-cultural tours for the whole family focusing on St’at’imc cultural use of the land. Ecotours can include learning about the life cycle of the salmon, seeing fish and aquatic invertebrates up close, and tasting some of the delicious juices of the St’at’imc make from local berries. Splitrock Environmental Sekw’el’was has an excellent selection of native plants for your next landscaping project with the local knowledge to provide great guidance.

A wide selection of healthy native trees, shrubs, wild flowers and bunch grasses are available for purchase for both home landscaping and larger scale restoration projects. Their staff can assist the development of comprehensive habitat restoration plans to meet your personal or business goals.

Their environmental services are reliable and include habitat, fish and wildlife surveys, ongoing monitoring programs and ecological restoration services from start to finish. Splitrock Environmental Sekw’el’was naturally harvest and processes a variety of local plants and has a wide variety of top quality ethnobotanical products including salves, soaps, potpourri, smudge sticks, wood items, juices and teas.

“We are proud of our role in facilitating the understanding and enjoyment of our natural world and in the expertise we have developed in our chosen field,” said Manager Kim, “Sekw’el’was is proud of the work we do at Splitrock Environmental and we like sharing our knowledge and expertise with our community and with the public.”

Splitrock Environmental Sekw’el’was is a member of the Lillooet Chamber of Commerce, the BC Landscape and Nursery Association, the Native Plant Society of BC and the Society for Ecological Restoration International. They have been honoured and recognized with awards from the St’at’imc Emerging Economic Development Summit – Community Business Award and the BC Landscape and Nursery Association.

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Meet the Crew at Splitrock

Meet the Crew at Splitrock

Splitrock Environmental is a social enterprise business owned and operated by the Sekw'el'was, the Cayoosh Creek Indian Band. "The Sekw'el'was people have lived here since time immemorial and will continue to live here," said Chief Michelle Edwards, "and now we are building our economic futures here so we can become independent and strong." Kim, the Manager of Splitrock Environmental, explains that the Sekw'el'was people know the land and through cultural and scientific knowledge manage the land and increase economic opportunities for their children today and for future generations.

Through Splitrock Environmental, the Sekw'el'was' support their town and diversify the local economy. Their social-enterprise business provides environmental education to local and regional school children and proudly hosts two community events in partnership with the Lillooet Naturalist Society and Sekw'el'was; Walking with the Smolts Community Celebration in May and the Salmon in the Canyon Festival in August.

Kim feels positive about the future of Lillooet and their community and is "excited to see more young people who have lived here for a long time and new young people moving to the area to become engaged in agricultural businesses." The crew love living in Lillooet where the Sekw'el'was people fish, hike, drum and contribute to the arts and culture of the community by being active artists and crafts people.

A special spot in Lillooet is the Old Bridge where Kim says you can stand above the roaring Fraser River and marvel at the sights and sounds. "I enjoy living here," said Kim, "we live on the greatest salmon spawning river in the world and the largest undammed river in North America - the Fraser River, we are surrounded by lakes, mountains and grasslands." Kim knows that the people in Lillooet are friendly and the landscape around Lillooet is beautiful and unique.

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