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Sid Scotchman Photography has experience in landscape photography, family portraits, and formal wedding photography. Scotchman’s passion for photography has translated into gorgeous photos that are works of art. Scotchman prefers to highlight the photo subject with natural light and excels in outdoor shoot locations in and around Lillooet. Sid Scotchman Photography has been in operation since 2012 and is recommended for capturing a moment beautifully through skilled photography.

Sid Scotchman supports the local community by donating gift certificates to the annual loony auction. He has volunteered with the Lillooet Friendship Centre and is on the local Recreation Centre Advisory Committee.

Meet Sid Scotchman

Meet Sid Scotchman

Sid loves doing business in Lillooet. Since 2012 he has run his own photography business, Sid Scotchman Photography. "I started photography as a hobby, just taking pictures of our local scenery," Sid explained, "one day I was asked to do someone's portrait and it just evolved from there." Sid likes that his business allows him to meet new people and help them preserve precious moments in their lives. Lillooet has ample locations for photo shoots and Sid enjoys using the natural scenery and light for his photography. He appreciates that his photography business helps to showcase the beauty of small town life in Lillooet.

Lillooet is Sid's hometown and he enjoys spending time with his family and helping with his grandmother. He likes his home and especially his backyard because it is a treed site with a sanctuary feel. Sid finds Lillooet to be a peaceful town with loving people and amazing scenery.

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