Jade Valley B&B

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Jade Valley B&B is ideally located close to the amenities of Lillooet’s Main Street. Jade Valley’s classy and cozy two-bedroom guest house is within walking distance to shopping and services. Jade Valley B&B also has a great view of the winding Fraser River, offering the best of both worlds.

Lillooet has a jade theme because the jade history of BC began in Lillooet. To commemorate this, you will find two large Lillooet jade boulders in the yard next to Jade Valley B&B.

Halyna is proud of the great care taken in her establishment and guarantees a clean and comfortable stay at Jade Valley B&B. She enjoys the flexibility and freedom that owning and operating her own business allows.

Meet Halyna Smolyarchuk

Meet Halyna Smolyarchuk

Halyna loves living in Lillooet for the beautiful scenery and the great neighbours. Small towns have a great sense of community. Halyna feels Lillooet is the best place to live for families and enjoys the ease of meeting new people. When she has leisure time Halyna enjoys exploring Lillooet, playing music and doing pottery.

Halyna believes Lillooet has great potential, especially in tourism, as the community is ideally located a short drive from major centres. Halyna appreciates the small local businesses such as K.C. Health and Gifts and believe these stores help keep Lillooet vibrant.

567 Fraserview St
Lillooet, BC V0K1V0


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