Grant a Wish

Apparel & Accessories-Games & Activities-Home Decor

Grant a Wish is a retail store, located conveniently in downtown Lillooet on Main Street. Grant a Wish carries an impressive variety of beautiful gifts, home decor, toys, books and fashion for the whole family.

Customers of Grant a Wish will feel inspired by their welcoming environment and all that they have in store. The Grant family owns the store that carries their name and is proud of what they have created as a family. “From the homemade shelving units and displays to the multi-generational tastes of the chosen items, there is a little personal touch from each of us,” said Jeannette Grant.

With a changing variety of clothing, home decor, books, toys and gifts, Grant a Wish is sure to have just what you are wishing for.

Meet Jeannette Grant & Jessica Grant

Meet Jeannette Grant & Jessica Grant

In the fall of 2014, the Grant family opened up Grant a Wish, a clothing and gift store. The Grants know that owning and operating a retail business in a small town helps to create connections with their customers and allows them to cater to customers' personal tastes. "I love seeing people around town wearing our clothing and enjoying our products," said Jeannette Grant.

Mother and daughter Jeannette and Jessica Grant love the climate in Lillooet and say that the people living here are friendly and easy going. The Grant family enjoys the fantastic countryside that surrounds Lillooet. The Grants know the importance of giving back to their community and support a variety of local causes and community groups whenever they can.

668 Main St
Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0