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For over 31 years, Direct Electric has been providing the residents of Lillooet with honest and dependable service. Their highly skilled electricians offer a variety of services to meet the diverse needs of each and every client.

Mark and the great team at Direct Electric are committed to the betterment of his community and as such, they regularly support local charities and non-profits. “We support big ones like the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Children’s Telethon but also a bunch of small groups within Lillooet. If they ask and we can help, we do,” he says.

Proudly locally owned and operated, the folks at Direct Electric deliver the expert results you require. Whether it be electrical contracting, residential, commercial or industrial services, Direct Electric is your preferred source for all your electrical needs.

Meet Mark Watson

Meet Mark Watson

“I was working for other employers before I started Direct Electric,” explains owner Mark Watson, “but it has always been a personal drive of mine to build my own business and see if I could succeed.” Now after over 31 years in business and still going strong, it looks like Mark may have achieved his goal. “I think we’re going to make it,” he laughs.

Mark knows that in a small town, being an entrepreneur can mean being on call 24/7. Even so, Mark is still grateful for it all. “You are always busy,” he says “but you get to be your own boss. You get to meet everyone in town and you are really in the flow of life.”

Marks says he likes the familiarity and responsibility of doing business in a small town. “Your reputation is important here, it wouldn’t take long before people knew you did a bad job. It really does make you a better contractor since every job has to be your best job. You are constantly building your reputation, I am always striving to be better,” he says.

You know everyone here and you want to support and help them and in return, they support and help you. The mountains that are surrounding us keeps us a bit isolated so you realize the whole town is in this together and that’s what we do. We all work together, we all help each other, and we all rely on each other. The common goal here is for everyone to succeed!

Work hard, play hard and when Mark is able to take time away, he’s either on his motorbike or sub-aquatic. Mark is a certified advanced open water diver and has traveled the globe pursuing his hobby. “It’s like flying,” he says. “To be down with lobsters, manta rays and turtles and to see them there is incredible. I have dived all over the world. Hawaii, Cuba, Dominican, Mexico, Grand Cayman, you name it. “Diving is universal, it doesn’t matter what country you are from. It’s just amazing.”

Mark says there is a new positive atmosphere about business in town. There have been a number of establishments who have opened recently and the mall is getting a facelift. “I don’t see anything but upwards positive growth for business in Lillooet,” he says.

110 Conway Pl
Lillooet, BC


Monday to Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Work outside business hours is also available, please contact Mark to arrange.

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