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All Things Wood crafts jewelery, bread boards, wine racks, bowls, door knockers, bud vases, pizza boards and just about anything a customer can imagine. Owner of All Things Wood, wood crafter Kerry Ness, has great success with crafting custom orders out of wood. He is able to use his imagination and create beautiful woodworking objects on a whim. He is currently making leather and wood pony tail holders and creating custom sign work for another small business.

Customers can find All Things Wood at the weekly
Lillooet Farmer’s Market
or they can call Kerry directly to inquire about sales and custom orders.

Meet Kerry Ness

Meet Kerry Ness

Kerry grew up in Lillooet and after graduating and spending years living elsewhere, he happily returned home. Kerry loves Lillooet for the slow pace and the weather. "We have all four seasons here but not the extreme winter," said Kerry, "and I love that summer heat." Kerry appreciates the people in Lillooet and how a friendly 'hello' is always genuinely returned.

Lillooet has a growing agricultural industry and Kerry is noticing the small business economy is also picking up. "New businesses are opening up," Kerry said, "it's the little guys that are starting up and trying hard and our small town supports these businesses." Kerry is a contractor during the day and knows the importance of shopping locally to support those self-employed people. He recently transitioned his woodworking hobby to a business called All Things Wood and Kerry appreciates the creativity of working with wood. He has done all sorts of work over the years and feels wood is a great medium. "I can lose myself in the wood and do whatever project hits me that day," said Kerry.
As a contractor and as a woodworker, Kerry feels rewarded when he can tackle a project and succeed. He enjoys sharing his completed woodwork projects and making them available for purchase at
Lillooet Farmer's Market

329 Reynolds St
Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0


Please contact Kerry for an appointment to place custom orders or view his work.