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Best Boxed Lunches is paving the way to help curb hunger in Williams Lake. As a healthy alternative to the less-than-ideal fast food options, Best Box provides healthy lunches and delivers them right to your workplace. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Stay focused, stay alert and stay satiated. You’ll be ready to take on the afternoon after a hearty, delicious meal made with love and quality ingredients. Best Boxed Lunches offers two different menu options, often including a soup, sandwich, dessert, fruit, drink, snack and a sweet treat to finish it all off.

This is your chance to enjoy a complete lunch experience backed by a dependable delivery service. So save you gas money, those precious minutes on the clock and devour the delectable dishes prepared with only the freshest foods. Spend those extra spare minutes enjoying a little R&R or perhaps a nice brisk walk. Your health will thank you all around.

What are you waiting for? Call Best Boxed Lunches and say goodbye to unhealthy fast food once and for all.

Meet Veronica Johnson

Meet Veronica Johnson

Brilliant ideas only come along so often. Veronica Johnson had a light bulb go off after realizing the countless number of workers that go without a healthy meal at work. So many have limited time during their break, opting for drive-thru joints as the fastest option. Veronica knew she had to reduce the time workers spent getting their meals so they could actually enjoy them, and that’s when she came up with the idea to bring lunches right to their worksite.

Veronica absolutely loves her community and everything about Williams Lake. “These are my family and friends. It only makes sense that I deliver to Williams Lake, to the folks that I care about,” says the new entrepreneur. Doing business here has been a blessing as the people are friendly and easy to connect to. Her new venture has received positive feedback and with her community’s encouraging support, Veronica has had the drive to see her business through to fruition.

The Best Boxed Lunches owner is a big proponent of supporting her community in return. You can catch her at future events and community rallies. Last year during the devastating fire season Veronica selflessly produced dozens of sandwiches daily to help out surrounding areas in Lac La Hache. Small towns are especially willing to help each other out.

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