Leo De Bruin -Woodturner


Meet Leo De Bruin, a local wood turner who has been honing his craft for over 22 years. When he moved to Kitwanga, he took the leap to open his own studio. Leo uses his lathe to make the most beautiful turned wood projects. Everything from bowls, to vases, Christmas decorations, pens and more. Leo puts hours into each unique project and looks forward to seeing his clients enjoy each of his pieces. 

Many of the wood pieces Leo makes are out of wood he’s found on his journeys with his dog around the community, making them unique to the area.

Stop into Leo’s studio or find him at a craft market and pick up something beautiful for a gift or for yourself.

Meet Leo De Bruin

Meet Leo De Bruin

Owner Leo De Bruin has always been passionate about wood turning. When he moved to Kitwanga and settled into a slower pace of life, he finally had the time to start turning it into a business. Leo gets great pleasure out of having creative freedom in his shop and enjoys seeing people choose pieces from his collection to bring into their homes.


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