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What’s In Store is Kitimat’s fun and fabulous second hand store. Thanks to generous donations from the community, What’s In Store provides quality, gently used clothing and household items at reasonable prices. Shoppers will find a diverse array of goods for sale including clothes for the whole family, books, baby needs, music, movies, household items, pots, containers, vases, baskets, dishes, teapots, mugs, craft supplies, candles, puzzles, toys, bikes, toboggans, small and large appliances, furniture, lamps, sporting equipment, pictures, puzzles, games and more. New inventory is constantly being added, and bargains are snatched up fast so visit often. What’s In Store is proud to recycle your no-longer-needed items, giving them a second life and keeping them out of the local landfill.

What’s In Store is a member of the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce.

Meet Sarah Moretti

Meet Sarah Moretti

Sarah Moretti had not originally intended to get into small business ownership. She had been a busy stay at home mom when the opportunity presented itself. Her good friends wanted to sell their second-hand goods business, and Sarah’s husband was encouraging and suggested she buy the business. At first, it seemed like a crazy idea, but Sarah decided to spend some time volunteering at the store working with the owners and discovered almost immediately that she loved the work. “I found out I had a passion for it. It suited me,” says Sarah. So she bought the business in July of 2008 and still has that same feeling of excitement and fulfillment today as she did back then.

For Sarah, it’s not just about being in business. It is also about doing something meaningful within the community of Kitimat. Prior to the store’s existence, there really weren’t many ways for locals to dispose of usable second hand items. If they couldn’t find someone to give them to, they would often end up in the landfill. Now, locals can bring gently-used items to What’s In Store where they can be given new life and be made available to others at affordable prices. In fact, Sarah often gives away items that come in to the store to community members in emergency situations, such as victims of house fires, or providing clothing to foster children. “We are very interwoven in the community,” Sarah notes, adding that people regularly stop into the store just to say hi and chat. That’s just how the people of Kitimat are… friendly, warm and caring."

Sarah has lived in Kitimat for nearly two decades and loves that it is home to their family of five. Over the past seven years the business has been a family endeavour, with Sarah’s husband and kids being a huge support emotionally and physically. The Morettis are people who appreciate the beauty of Kitimat and the many places around the Kitimat area to do the things that they enjoy, including fishing, hunting and winter sports.

311 City Centre
Kitimat, BC V8C 1T6


Monday to Saturday
11:00 am - 5:00 pm