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As a community with an undeniable love for the outdoors and working with their hands, Waterstone Sharpening Services filled a need within the region of Kitimat beautifully. This local edge tool sharpening business creates impeccably sharp edges for all of your knives, scissors, chisels, axes, garden tools, wood tools, equipment blades, chainsaws and so much more! You’ll be slicing your way through your crafts and projects in no time with flawless finishes from Waterstone’s!

This small company delivers a punch with customer service too, making happy customers a top priority every time. Prices are reasonable and clearly stated, plus Waterstone is backed by BESS Certification for edge and needle sharpness. It’s imperative to keep your tools sharp for efficient and safe work- a sharp knife is a safe knife! Contact Waterstone Sharpening Services today!

Meet Deo Araujo

Meet Deo Araujo

Deo Araujo isn't your ordinary businessman; he doesn't see sales figures but instead he sees friendly people who support his livelihood and passion. “Returning customers are great, but what is it worth you have a returning customer you can't remember anything about?” says Deo. “Knowing a name is a real deal maker.” As a true believer in keeping dollars as local as possible, the Waterstone owner wants to see his community flourish. Kitimat has been his home since birth, and he loves to share the amazing elements of life on the far north coast of BC. It's a breathtakingly beautiful area, with a wonderful blend of eclectic shops, outdoor recreational opportunities and friendly faces. There's plenty to keep occupied with, and for Deo, he especially loves learning new skills, sports and hobbies along the way.

9 Dolly Varden Street
Kitimat, British Columbia, BC V8C 2K6


Monday to Saturday 12 noon - 5 p.m

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