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Make memories that will last a lifetime with Toni Reinert Photography. This locally owned and operated company is backed by a professional photographer who transforms those special moments into works of art, capturing the true essense of her subjects. From weddings, maternity and family portraits, to graduations, Christmas scenes and more, Toni Reinert Photography makes magic happen from behind the lens.

Toni can even take the pressure of documenting birthday party memories off your plate, so you can enjoy the moment with full clarity. Take images to the next level with available services such as canvas-wrapping and framing, or have them made into puzzles, magnets and coasters, the perfect gift. There are also regular mini sessions that provide an economical way to get professional photos at a fraction of the cost.

No matter what you’re looking for, Toni Reinert Photography is set to impress with outstanding, quality imagery that tells a beautiful story of your life. Toni’s approachable and friendly demeanor puts clients at ease, allowing true colours and personalities to shine. Don’t delay- in order to ensure availability, secure your booking with Toni Reinert Photography today!

Meet Toni Reinert

Meet Toni Reinert

Toni Reinert was born in Ontario and raised in Kitimat since the age of three. Knowing wholeheartedly the allure of her quaint, coastal community, she had no desire to settle anywhere else, making the choice to remain a resident of her beloved hometown for good. “I love that everyone is so friendly,” says the entrpereneur. “This place is my heart!” Toni married her highschool sweetheart, and a few years later the Reinerts welcomed their very first child. The family continued to grow with the addition of a second child, with Toni managing the household as a busy stay-at-home parent. While she was appreciative of the opportunity to be with her kids full-time, Toni began dreaming of a way to contribute to her family financially, while utilizing her creative abilities. As a lifelong lover of photography with a keen eye, the answer was crystal clear- and hence, in 2014, Toni Reinert Photography was born. Even with a bustling small business, Toni manages to find plenty of time for her family and loved ones. She enjoys going on outdoor adventures, or joining in on the speedway with her racecar driver husband.


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