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Harmonized Soul is a health and wellness business that provides help for healing and balancing a client’s life in this ever-changing and stressful environment. Harmonzied Soul utilizes a wide variety of effective healing methods including crystal light balancing, colour therapy light box, colour therapy glasses and Chakra balancing. Harmonized Soul can assist with pain management through auricular therapy, Reiki and emotional clearing. Clients of Harmonized Soul feel supported and relaxed.

Harmonized Soul can also assist with attaining ideal health for your home and for your business with Feng Shui presentations on topics such as clutter clearing, life enhancements and a detailed room-by-room evaluation of your home or business space.

Meet Donna Dueck

Meet Donna Dueck

Healing modalities and healing work have always been an interest and a passion for Donna. "I like to work with people and I enjoy providing a unique service," said Donna. She has years of knowledge and practical experience in a wide range of alternative therapies and healing techniques and recently launched her business, Harmonized Soul. Donna likes being an entrepreneur for the freedom it allows. She is able to determine her hours and schedule her appointments to accommodate both herself and her clients' schedules. Donna is proud of her ability to reach out to people and explain her services to new and potential clients.

Donna and her husband Brian moved to Kitimat in 2001 from Tumbler Ridge and they became very attached to the community. They love the genuine people and the diversity of cultures in Kitimat. She likes that the town is small enough to have her feel she knows everyone and everything is close by. A small town also makes Donna's business, which is based out of her home, easy to find. Positive word of mouth recommendations travel fast in Kitimat and Donna has appreciated the developing sense of trust between her business and her community. When she isn't busy running her business Donna enjoys reading, taking courses, doing crafts and socializing with her friends.

1 Angle St
Kitimat, BC V8C 2M7


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