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Ever After Laser offers a variety of laser treatments targeting various problems and conditions of the skin. Laser treatment is suitable and effective for permanent removal of unwanted hair on many skin types. Ever After Laser also offers laser services for the treatment of problem acne, rosacea and spider veins. Microdermabrasion treatment is also available and helps to refine pore size, reduce pigmentation, soften fine lines and reduce breakouts. All of Ever After Laser’s treatments are administered by a physician-trained licensed practical nurse in a clean, comfortable and relaxing spa atmosphere.

Meet Shari Pereira

Meet Shari Pereira

Shari Pereira has lived in Kitimat for most of her life. An active person, Shari has participated in many recreational activities over the the years, both in and out of doors, including swimming. In fact, it was her ties to competitive swimming that initially helped get her into business ownership, although it took a few years and a little bit of persuasion.

Shari coached local competitive swimming for many years, including the children of her doctor. Upon graduating from the LPN program her doctor offered her a position in his practice to both nurse and train as a laser technician. When it came time for him to sell his business a few years later, Shari, after much consideration, decided to buy it so that she could continue offering laser services in Kitimat.

Having her own business wasn't necessarily something Shari originally envisioned, but today she knows it was meant to be. It has taken hard work but she has been grateful for the opportunities business ownership has given her.

360 City Centre
Kitimat, BC


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3:00 pm - Closing
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