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A mecha for fishing, a stop in Kitimat wouldn’t be complete without trying your hand at angling, and the best way to set yourself up for fishing is with a visit to Bradley’s Bait & Tackle! Since 2016, Bradley’s Bait & Tackle has prided themselves in offering a diverse and excellent selection of fishing gear, clothing, ammunition and hunting accessories to the Kitimat area. 

In addition to well established brands in outdoor rec equipment, Bradley’s Bait & Tackle offers an exclusive salmon jig, a must have for your fishing excursion. The barbless marabou salmon jig is a signature in the shop and when you visit you’ll likely see one of the staff working on hand tying them!  

Whether you stop by Bradley’s Bait & Tackle for gear, accessories, a friendly chat, or tips for fishing in the area, the staff will make sure you leave with everything you need to enjoy the wilderness and waterways in the area!

Meet Andrew Towse

Meet Andrew Towse

Owner Andrew Towse saw that Bradley’s Bait & Tackle was for sale in 2016 and lept at the opportunity to own the shop, turning his passion into a career! Andrew saw a need in the community for a year round shopping experience and so diversified the shop into clothing and accessories for the outdoor lovers!
An avid fisher himself, Andrew is fully immersed in the region and all the beauty nature has to offer in Kitimat! He loves helping each of his clients find exactly what they need so they can have their best possible outdoor experience!

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