Twisted Yoga


Twisted Yoga is a studio based on Hatha Yoga practices, located in the small and scenic town of Hudson’s Hope, B.C. Since 2016, Twisted Yoga has been offering classes and workshops to their community. Classes vary from power vinyasa to relaxation, with a schedule that offers something for everyone. Owner Tashana Winnicky completed her 200 hour training program in Costa Rica and loves creating classes with interesting themes. You can explore strength building, chakras, psychology, and who knows what else. If you are looking to learn something new, then join Twisted Yoga for a class.

Twisted Yoga’s goal is not only to provide guidance through physical practice, but to help each person to find a sense of peace, shed judgment of themselves and develop a greater sense of happiness each day.

Meet Tashana Winnicky

Meet Tashana Winnicky

Owner Tashana Winnicky saw living in a small community as a chance for growth, not only for herself, but her clients. She travelled to Costa Rica and brought back her training, expanding the horizons and services for her beautiful small town. Tashana loves connecting with people and providing a space for people to get grounded. In a time where life is so busy and can be stressful, having a haven to reconnect with ourselves and provide self care is so important, and she is thrilled to offer that haven with Twisted Yoga.

10104 Ellis Crescent
Hudson‘s Hope, BC V0C 1V0