The Rustic Market Garden

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Taste the difference in food grown without the unnecessary use of pesticides and toxins. Vegetables have never been more crisp. Fruits and berries never sweeter. That’s how it’s done at The Rustic Market Garden. Guaranteed to take no shortcuts, no mass production, no compromise. Just good, wholesome food as Mother Nature has always done it.

This small, family-owned and operated market garden provides organically grown seedlings and produce to the Peace region since 2015. The Rustic Market Garden has quickly become a staple for countless communities, supplying much of the local farm to table goodness. They can be found regularly at the Farmers Market in Hudson’s Hope, among many other events and of course the Fall Fair.

Word is getting out there- The Rustic Market Garden delivers dependable quality and freshness that can’t be beat. Their warm customer service certainly makes an impact as well. So give them a try, make The Rustic Market Garden the mainstay of your next culinary creation!

Meet Caitlin Vince & Angie Watson

Meet Caitlin Vince & Angie Watson

Farming is certainly no easy task. However, for Caitlin Vince and Angie Watson, the fruits of their labour are well worth the effort. The mother and daughter duo have always been avid gardeners with a great concern for northern food security. “We decided to dive right in to market gardening and selling our produce to help bridge the gap that exists in our food system,” says Caitlin.

By providing a greater selection of healthy fruits and vegetables for the people of Hudson’s Hope and beyond, Angie and Caitlin hope to share the labour of love that growing food promotes. They have noticed the exponential growth of the local Farmers Market, and extending beyond that with small business expansion in general. Many residents are trying their hand at entrepreneurship, with the community behind them all every step of the way.

The support that Hudson’s Hope is known for is a large part of the reason that Angie and Caitlin chose it for their home and livelihood. The local energy is laid-back and so evidently friendly. “Small towns, and particularly this small town, are amazing places to raise a family, start a business, and there is nowhere better to live, work, and play,” beams Caitlin.

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