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Marg’s Mini-Mart has a little bit of something for everyone. More than a place for a quick milk stop, Marg’s Mini-Mart offers Tempo gas, groceries, hot coffee and snacks, fishing supplies, hunting and fishing licenses, ice cream cones and treats, lottery tickets and a free WiFi hot spot. There is also a public fitness gym and tanning bed. Marg’s Mini-Mart has been a part of the Hudson’s Hope community for decades and has become a meeting place and favourite local hang-out spot. Centrally located just off of Highway 29.

Meet Belinda Karlin

Meet Belinda Karlin

Belinda Karlin and her husband were extreme outdoors enthusiasts from Long Island, New York who decided they wanted a total life change more than 20 years ago. They obtained entrepreneurial visas, gave up their home and careers and moved to Hudson's Hope to pursue a guide outfitters business. The business was to have been established within a year, but once they arrived in Hudson's Hope, the doors kept closing. When it became clear that their business idea wasn't coming together, they decided that they would find another way to stay in Hudson's Hope. They had fallen in love with the area's rugged beauty and were eager to make a life here.

It just so happened that Marg's Mini-Mart was for sale at the time, so they bought the business in 1992 and haven't looked back since. Marg's Mini-Mart had been around for years. Though Belinda isn't sure exactly when it was first established, she has photos of the store with an unpaved road in front of it, dating it back at least several decades. It has been through a few owners and name changes (it is currently named after the wife of the previous owner who ran the store for many years) and Belinda enjoys collecting as much historical documentation about its origins as she can find.

The store has changed a great deal since Belinda first purchased it. It has grown from a small grocery store to include other conveniences like gas, lottery ticket sales and ice-cream cones (a community favourite). Belinda and her husband, who are both personal trainers, also added a gym and tanning bed. Belinda is proud of how the store has grown and changed, and credits the residents of Hudson's Hope for being so welcoming and supportive of the business over the decades. It allowed Belinda and her family to stay in the place that they grew to love as their new home.

9718 Beattie Dr
Hudson's Hope, BC V0C 1V0


Sunday to Saturday
5:00 am - 9:00 pm