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Treat your body to all-natural nutrients derived from the earth with Kristi Kares Handcrafted body and bath products. Choose from a diverse selection of lip balms, salves, serums, lotion bars, deodorant, healing blends and more, including formulas made with 100 percent organic ingredients. Each and every recipe is handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality, effectiveness and safety. New products are constantly being developed and added to the inventory. Kristi Kares Handcrafted is passionate about pure, non-artificial, chemical-free, no-dye products and committed to not just producing products that are healthy and effective but are also kind to the planet. Kristi Kares Handcrafted body and bath products are available at Pro Hardware in Hudson’s Hope and directly from the maker.

Meet Kristi Fehr

Meet Kristi Fehr

Kristi Fehr has sensitive skin and had tried to avoid using anything on her skin that contained chemicals and artificial ingredients. When she moved to Hudson's Hope, however, it was more difficult to find all-natural body products. She would sometimes order natural products online but longed to be able to get what she needed right here instead of having to order them from somewhere else. That's when she decided to try making her own all-natural body products. The very first recipe she made was face oil, and she was extremely pleased with both the product and the results it gave her on her skin.

She began talking about the idea of using natural products with friends and acquaintances and the responses she received were enthusiastic. People not only thought it was a wonderful idea but believed that there would be a strong market in Hudson's Hope for natural body products. So Kristi began trying more and more new recipes and participating in craft fairs, and it wasn't long before Kristi Kares Handcrafted was born.

Word of mouth is a very effective form of advertising in a small town, Kristi notes. It is just one of the many things that she appreciates about her new hometown. She is also grateful for all of the friendly, caring people who welcomed her warmly to the community and who continue to support her business and her dreams. As an outdoors fan, she is also thrilled that there is so much to do in the area in the way of outdoor recreation. She and her partner like to be outside in nature whenever they can.

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