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Hudson’s Hope Thrift Store is packed with bargains of all kinds. Shoppers will find a wide variety of clothing for the entire family, books, appliances, kitchenware, games and toys. All items are gently used, in good condition and affordably priced . Not only does your purchase translate into help for locals in need, it helps to keep the planet greener by giving previously-owned items a second life. The Hudson’s Hope Thrift Store is also home to Hudson’s Hope’s only laundromat. The laundromat is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week and contains the only public washroom available outside of traditional business hours. The laundromat is located next door at 10322 Gething Street. If you are in town and just want to stop by during non-business hours, give the shop a call.

The Hudson’s Hope Thrift Store is owned and operated by the Friends of Hudson’s Hope Society. All profits from the Hudson’s Hope Thrift Store are used to assist local people who must travel outside of the community to receive medical treatment. The Friends of Hudson’s Hope Society also operates the Food Bank as well as the annual Hudson’s Hope Christmas Hamper program.

Meet The Friends of Hudson's Hope Society, Director Betty Nilson & Staff Team

Meet The Friends of Hudson's Hope Society, Director Betty Nilson & Staff Team

The Hudson's Hope Thrift Store began operating in 2001 thanks to a group of local citizens with a vision. They saw a need in the community to offer financial assistance for people travelling to other communities for medical treatment. They also identified another very practical need of the community-at-large: a place to shop for affordable non-food amenities like clothing and housewares items. Starting the thrift shop met both of those needs, and the society has also been able to help others out during the holidays with Christmas hampers as well as to meet the food needs of families throughout the year.

Betty Nilson is the director of the society and the thrift store manager. She has been involved for more than a decade and is proud of all of the wonderful community volunteers who have made its operation possible for so many years. The Friends of Hudson's Hope society maintains one paid employee. Everyone else, from the society's board of directors to the staff of the store are volunteers. It is a testament to the care that residents of Hudson's Hope have for one another. In fact, notes Betty, many of those volunteers also volunteer for other local groups and organizations, like the Hudson's Hope Museum.

Once upon a time the store itself was in need. The building that it was located in burned down and the store was homeless, until a community member stepped in and offered her garage as a temporary home so that the service could keep running until a new location could be secured. It took a couple of years, but the store's current location is perfectly suited to the needs of patrons and volunteers.

In addition to being a place where people can shop for affordable everyday needs, the thrift store is something of a haven. The laundromat which is also run by the society and with which the shop shares a storefront is open 24 hours per day. It provides a washroom and a warm place to be. The store itself regularly sees people just dropping in to chat. Customers are often surprised by how clean and orderly the shop is, something that Betty credits to its tireless volunteers.

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