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Greta’s Class Act Services offers a variety of fitness classes in a new, clean, and spacious gym facility. The gym features four cardio machines: treadmill, elliptical, recumbent elliptical bike, and stair climber for public use. There are also two universal machines, a full set of free weights, and work out benches. Guests can also make use of the free-zone, outfitted with plenty of exercise accessories and mats. Class Act Services will provide free orientation and a total body workout plan for all customers. Fitness classes are offered at a variety of levels for those who would like to focus on specific fitness goals in a structured training environment, including senior fit and beginner to advanced CORE training.

Meet Greta Goddard

Meet Greta Goddard

Greta Goddard's early professional years were spent in a classroom teaching children. She enjoyed teaching, but always had a special place in her heart for fitness, and inspiring others to be active. The passion eventually turned into a dream, and Greta began pursuing the idea of starting a fitness gym in Hudson's Hope. She sought out local business partners to help develop and support the venture, and also trained for and received her fitness instructor certification. There were some challenges along the way, but within a couple of years, she was finally able to open the gym she had dreamed of.

Greta teaches ongoing fitness classes and notes that her students inspire and motivate her every single day. For her, there is no bigger reward than to see someone come in who is new to fitness or feeling as though they are too out of shape to make progress and watch how regular exercise transforms every part of their lives. It affects everything, she points out, from their mental well-being to their ability to better accomplish everyday household tasks or even just walk around the block.

Part of the fun of her job is getting to know her clients on a personal level, something that is easy to do in a small community. It makes her work that much more fulfilling. Greta adds that she was just made for small town living. "I love the relaxed atmosphere, the safety, the freedom," she says, "and I don't miss any of the so-called 'conveniences!' I love knowing that my kids can walk home safely from school because twenty of my neighbours saw them and watched out for them as they walked by."

10801 Dudley Dr
Hudson's Hope, BC V0C 1V0


Sunday to Saturday
5:00 am - 11:00 pm

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