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If you haven’t already checked out The Moose Hut, you have no idea what kind of pleasure you’ve been missing out on! A true feast for the eyes and stomach, this little ice cream shoppe whips up some creatively scrumptious treats that will have you salivating incessantly. This is no ordinary, fast-food ice cream either, The Moose Hut demands quality, carrying only the best with BC-based Foothills Creamery. Imagine handcrafted ice cream piled high with brownies, nanaimo bars, sprinkles, hot fudge, raspberry coullis, whip cream, coconut, you name it- the skies the limit with the many marvelous Moose creations. They even make up a mean milkshake, bubble tea slushies, banana splits, ice cream floats, ice caps, frappucinos and gorgeous, custom-ordered ice cream cakes.

Reward yourself this summer with a superior Canadian-sourced dairy delicacy; the difficult part is choosing between one of the many, tantilizing flavours! Be sure to keep an eye out for the new ice cream bicycle, set to make appearances at numerous events and locations throughout the season. Or stop by their permanent location tucked in beside Home Hardware and visit with Baby Moose! The Moose Hut is the perfect place to satisfy that sweet tooth. Get your fix seven days a week from 2pm to 8pm. Cash only at this time.

Meet Elaine Hamblin

Meet Elaine Hamblin

Elaine Hamblin has quickly made a name for herself as Houston's friendly ice cream lady. With unfettered access to all the dairy deliciousness, it's no surprise that Elaine radiates warmth and happiness. She has been putting forth every ounce of her being to make a solid go of her ice cream business, involving herself in community events, supporting non-profits, and as a result has recently received accolades for her hard work and dedication. As a Business of the Year Award recipient, Elaine feels motivated to maintain her service standard for many years to come. The ice cream entrepreneur feels that it's truly because of the community that she's seen such success. “They believe in my business,” exclaims Elaine. “It's just a lovely place to have raised my family, and now to be in business providing a cone of happiness one person at a time!”

9th street
Houston , BC V0J1Z2


2-8 pm seven days a week