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Shuttle, Needle & Hook is reviving an old art-form and giving it modern appeal with its gorgeous and intricate tatted jewelry. Artist Deb Jay has produced tatted necklaces, bracelets and earrings over the years, but may be best known for her “lucky pennies,” “knotty nickels” and “dainty dimes” creations. Deb is as savvy with a crochet hook and knitting needle as she is with a shuttle, and customers will also find an array of hand-made hats, scarves, mittens and slippers. Shuttle, Needle & Hook’s products are available at the Houston Farmer’s Market, on and directly from the shop.

Meet Deb Jay

Meet Deb Jay

Deb Jay has a way with a shuttle, and her intricate jewelry and other tatted items is helping to revive a centuries-old art form. Tatting dates back to the early 19th century and the process creates stunning, lace-like patterns that can be made into jewelry, embellishments for clothing and other decorative items. Tatting began to fall out of favour when new technology made machine lace-making possible. Deb hopes to revive interest in tatting as an art form, and her stunning tatted jewelry is made by hand the old-fashioned way.

Deb and her husband were looking for a small town to call "home" when they discovered Houston several years ago. They were immediately drawn to the friendly people and the casual, relaxed pace of life. Shortly after moving to Houston, someone invited Deb to sell her handcrafts at the Farmer's Market, and it wasn't long before she became known for her artistic talent. She notes that her business has taken off since she started doing the Farmer's Market. In greatest demand are her tatted "lucky pennies," "knotty nickels" and "dainty dimes."

When Deb isn't busy selling her works she is usually busy creating them. She is rarely far from her shuttle or needles and always has a project or two on the go. She also likes spending time outdoors in her garden or going for walks at the duck pond.

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