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Northwest Container Services stocks a variety of containers in sizes starting at six feet all the way up to forty feet. Northwest Container Services serves both the residential and the industrial market. Containers are delivered directly to a customer’s site, including out-of-town locations, and picked up from the site. Containers are ideal for debris removal as well as for longer-term, on-site storage of household and industrial goods. Containers are available for rent as well as for sale, and can even be professionally modified and customized to fit a buyer’s needs. Northwest Container Services is well-known in the community for its excellent attention to customer service, as well as their professionalism.

Meet Eric & Dawn Bishop

Meet Eric & Dawn Bishop

It was a weekend visit to Houston that sealed Eric Bishop's destiny and drew him permanently to the community of Houston decades ago. Since that time he's worked in a number of jobs, but it didn't take long for him to find himself drawn to business ownership. Eric has always considered himself a "creative thinker" and saw several gaps in the community when it came to the types of services previously available in Houston. It's what lead him to start Northwest Container Services and he and his wife Dawn are proud to be the only local provider of this type of service, something that Eric notes is much needed in Houston as well as surrounding communities.

Eric and Dawn understand that the recent mill closure introduces an element of the unknown into the future of small business in Houston, something that can often cause some trepidation for business owners. However, Eric is confident that creative business strategies and willingness for local businesses to work together will help everyone weather the uncertainty. He feels it may mean an effort to develop creative partnerships, as well as renewed commitments by local business owners to spend their own dollars at other local businesses. "We try to do everything locally," Eric points out, "and when local businesses support us we try to reciprocate." And part of that equation, say Eric and Dawn, is also supporting local charities, clubs and organizations, something that the Bishops are quick to do when asked. This kind of support, says Eric, will go a long way to ensure a sustainable local economy.

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