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Many Happy Returns – Tax Services can take the stress of doing your taxes off of your plate and help you get back the money you are entitled to. Trina Brent has nine years of experience in preparing and filing taxes for a variety of situations, including personal and business income taxes as well as specialized circumstances such as small hobby farms, rentals, medical, and deceased persons and students. She also offers supports dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency after your returns are filed, such as adjustments and reviews. Convenient EFile services are also available. Many Happy Returns – Tax Services is compliant with Canada Revenue Agency and subject to similar provincial legislation.

Meet Trina Brent

Meet Trina Brent

Trina Brent is a problem-solver who isn’t afraid to take on challenges, especially personal income tax. It was her love of saving money and working with numbers that drew her into the income tax business. A need to be available to her children during their early years prompted her to open her own business and after completing income tax preparation training along with accounting and bookkeeping classes, Trina launched Many Happy Returns - Tax Services as a home-based business in 2008. Trina has prepared and filed income taxes on behalf of hundreds of local individuals as well as business owners. She is proud of the reputation that she has developed over the years for doing high-quality work in an area that many people find stressful and confusing. Trina feels privileged to have been able to serve her Houston customers over the years.

Trina loves working and raising a family in Houston. She believes Houston’s best characteristic is all of the wonderful people who live here and make up the community. In Houston, “You can make real personal connections with your customers. You see them outside your place of business and create interpersonal relationships. Client referrals are spread among the community as word spreads about your services,” she adds, making doing business easier.

Trina believes that the future for Houston is bright, despite some economic setbacks. “The possibilities for growth are endless, especially for small business owners. The community has proven resilient in the past,” she states, adding that creativity and invention will continue to drive the community forward.

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