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Designer and artist Marlee Johnson has been hand-crafting unique jewellery since 2007. Her original designs are inspired by nature, and incorporate a variety of materials, including sterling silver, natural stones like jade, magnetic hematite and obsidian as well as a colourful array of beads. Jewelled Strands “A Little Bit of Bliss” keeps a stock of jewellery items on hand but pieces can also be made-to-order, allowing the buyer to choose custom colours and designs for a truly meaningful and exclusive piece.

Meet Marlee Johnson

Meet Marlee Johnson

Artist and designer Marlee Johnson has lived in Houston for 25 years and says there is no other place she'd rather live or operate her home-based business. Marlee has many connections within the community, and is grateful for the "great sense of family" she feels in Houston.

Marlee has been creating for most of her life, but only officially started her business in 2007. Since then she has been making her own original jewellery designs which she produces out of her home studio. Marlee sells her designs from her home, on "Etsy": and at trade shows and craft fairs.

Marlee is proud that Jewelled Strands "A Little Bit of Bliss" was named the "Home Based Business of the Year" in 2013 by the Houston and District Business Excellence Awards. While receiving this acknowledgement was validating and rewarding, Marlee knows that the real satisfaction in her work comes from seeing the reactions of family and friends when she gifts them with a piece of her jewellery. "I am learning as I explore working with beads and wrapping with wire. As I become more confident in the process my creations are becoming more complex."

Marlee spends a lot of time designing and creating new pieces, but when she isn't working she especially enjoys camping and playing golf. She also likes to while away some of her free time at her favourite local shops and restaurants, particularly "The Tea Gallery with a Twist":

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