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Bulkley Valley Foods has been serving the community of Houston for more than 25 years and is much more than a convenience store. Bulkley Valley Foods carries a large selection of groceries, milk and dairy products and snack foods. It’s also the Bulkley Valley’s destination for spices – the store carries more than 140 varieties – plus a diverse selection of natural health foods and products, organics and gluten-free foods and ingredients at economical prices.

Meet Sanjiwan & Savita Sadhir

Meet Sanjiwan & Savita Sadhir

The key to staying in business in a rural northern town, says Sanjiwan Sadhir, is being flexible and willing to change with the times. He and his wife Savita have owned Bulkley Valley Foods since 1991, and the store has had to re-invent itself several times over the past two decades. When the Sadhirs first bought the business, it was little more than a small convenience store. "There have been some challenges to business here in Houston," Sanjiwan points out, but says that they've worked hard to listen to what their customers want and then provide those things. This has helped the store to remain viable and successful even in the face of a slower economy and to grow over the years into a small grocery store with a good selection of specialty items.

Sanjiwan grew up in Houston and says that Houston feels like "one big family," even for those who haven't lived here as long as he has. Friendly people, he states, help to make the community a safe one to live in and raise a family. He adds that there is a huge sense of community spirit in Houston. "The community really comes together in times of need."

Sanjiwan and Savita have enjoyed being entrepreneurs, in spite of the sometimes long hours and few days off. "I enjoy having the freedom to try new ideas," says Sanjiwan. When he manages to get more than a couple of days off of work, the Sadhirs enjoy travelling.

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