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Healthy living and respect for the environment go hand-in-hand at WoodGrain Farm. This century-old farmstead is situated on the warm south slope of Tenas Hill in the Kispiox Valley. The location provides the rich soils, clean water and ample sunshine needed to grow beautiful, flavourful certified organic vegetables and healthy animals in a traditional mixed-farming system. WoodGrain Farm grows a variety of certified organic vegetables, available in-season at the Hazelton Farmers Market, the Bulkley Valley Farmers Market and at the farm’s own stand each Friday afternoon during the growing season. Also available for purchase are quality freshly stone-milled flour made from certified organic farm-grown grains and pasture-raised lamb products. As a certified organic farm, WoodGrain Farm has been recognized as an approved grower of produce that has not been exposed to harmful pesticides, ensuring peak flavour, optimal nutrition and care for the planet.

WoodGrain Farm is a member of the Certified Organic Associations of BC, the Hazelton Farmers’ Market Society and the Bulkley Valley Farmers’ Market Association.

Meet Jonathan Knight

Meet Jonathan Knight

Jonathan Knight's life has been a series of adventures, most of them stemming from dreams and goals he has long held. One of those dreams was to buy a farm and work toward a self-sustaining lifestyle. Jonathan has always been a proponent of a healthy food system. Before moving to the Hazeltons to farm, Jonathan owned an organic craft bakery on Vancouver Island. Part of his job involved connecting with the farmers who supplied his bakery's flour and other ingredients, so farming was a familiar concept. He learned a lot about organic farming through those relationships.

Jonathan spent many of his early years travelling and living in small rural communities from Cape Breton to Cowichan Bay. Small towns were in his blood. When the busy bakery lifestyle began to wear on him, Jonathan sold his business and spent a summer cycling across Canada, from Haida Gwaii to Newfoundland. It included a short stay in Smithers where Jonathan fell in love with the entire region. After his cross-country trek, he returned to the area to look for farmland to purchase. His journey took him to one of the Hazeltons' oldest farmsteads, though it hadn't been farmed in about three decades. It was the ideal location. He bought the land, and WoodGrain Farm was born in 2009.

Jonathan has been enjoying learning about farming, and admits that he still learns new things all the time. He is grateful to his neighbours, fellow farmers, who have been generous and supportive about giving him farming advice. He is particularly passionate about the "old ways" of farming, which, he states, are often the best methods. In addition to the certified organic produce and lamb which he sells, Jonathan also raises other animals, like chickens, for his own use. It is all part of his goal to become self-sustaining. He is proud to offer quality, local, in-season produce which not only helps to provide him and his farm helpers with a livelihood, but contributes to the overall sustainability of the community.

490 Swan Rd
Hazelton, BC V0J 1Y5


Farmstand open 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm on Fridays during the growing season.

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