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Tri-Town Theatre provides the latest box office movies in digital and 3D viewing for community and family enjoyment. Relax in the comfort of the well-appointed theatre, which offers regular evening and matinee features as well as special viewings. No theatre experience is complete without popcorn so be sure to grab some along with fountain pop, candy and chocolate bars from Tri-Town Theatre’s concession. More than just a place to watch movies, the Tri-Town Theatre is a gathering place for the community while you’re enjoying the latest feature film.

Meet Gitanmaax Band Council & Rob Stevens, Manager

Meet Gitanmaax Band Council & Rob Stevens, Manager

The Tri-Town Theatre is owned and operated by the Gitanmaax Band Council. It is one of several Gitanmaax businesses that offer valuable services and products to the communities that make up the Hazeltons. It is the only movie theatre in the region, and the Gitanmaax Band Council is proud to bring quality entertainment to the community. Filling a niche and offering excellent entertainment at a reasonable price is something they and theatre manager Rob Stevens take pride in. It helps to keep dollars local, the economy vibrant and gives locals a way to access the latest in feature films without having to go to another community.

Rob and the staff at Tri-Town Theatre work hard to ensure that patrons have a fun and relaxing night out. He notes that the people who come to enjoy a movie appreciate having a place to go for family-friendly entertainment (and great snacks to go with it). Knowing that someone has had a great time out makes his job rewarding and satisfying.

The Hazeltons, says Rob, is a community that is filled with friendly people who appreciate their community and those who provide services here. Residents recognize the importance of looking out for one another and always lend a hand when it is needed. "There is community spirit here," says Rob.

4235 Field St
Hazelton, BC V0J 1Y0


Hours vary depending on movie showings. Please visit website for movie schedule