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“Life’s a birch” at Swis Wood Products Ltd., a flooring company that specializes in locally-sourced BC birch. Trees are selectively harvested using low-impact methods or purchased from local providers and then carefully milled in Hazelton. Swis Wood Products is well known for its quality birch flooring and kiln-dried lumber which is ideal for cabinetry and other fine wood working projects. Birch flooring offers many of the same advantages as other hardwoods and has unique design characteristics and fine details and is among the most affordable of hardwoods. Every part of each tree is used, including sawdust, which is ideal for mulch and other uses, and is available for free to the public. Swis Wood Products also sells firewood, burls and chaga and has a floor sander and nailer for rent. Bring out the natural beauty of your finished floor with Saicos Premium Hardwax-Oil floor finish, an environmentally-friendly way to make your floor shine, last and look its best, available for purchase from Swis Wood Products.

Meet Paul & Cathy Sims

Meet Paul & Cathy Sims

Paul Sims has always liked working with his hands, skilled at both wood and metal work. He particularly enjoys sawmilling. Living in the north, he saw potential in birch, a wood that is largely undervalued in BC, partly because of its unsuitability for high-production sawmills. It can be used for many different kinds of projects and is ideal for the small scale custom built sawmill that Paul and his wife, Cathy, operate. Its durability and hardness make it an optimal wood for many kinds of projects, such as flooring. The Sims place a heavy emphasis on harvesting it selectively for their operation.

Paul has lived in the Hazeltons since he was a young child and plans to stay for the rest of his life. He and Cathy say that the quality of life here is well worth it. Both Cathy and Paul agree that operating a business in a small community has a much more personal aspect to it than doing business in a big city. "You know who you are doing business with," says Paul, and they are often the same people that you run into on the streets and socialize with on the weekends. He also notes that the people who live here are very open and accepting, regardless of others' backgrounds. Plus, say Cathy and Paul, living in a small community where life is unhurried means that there is more time to do the things that one enjoys. For the Sims, this includes fishing, boating and relaxing in the outdoors.

Paul is proud of the quality of work that he provides for his customers. He is also proud that he has been able to showcase the wonderful qualities of BC birch and to produce flooring in a manner that is green, sustainable and beneficial to everyone who calls BC, and particularly the Hazeltons, home.

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