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Your ultimate cat skiing adventure begins with Skeena Cat Skiing.

Skiers can select day skiing or a three to five day, all inclusive package. Skeena Cat Skiing offers the only backcountry cat skiing camp in Canada. Step out of your tent and into the snowcat.

Certified, skilled and experienced guides are committed firstly to safety and then to ensure that your adventure is fun and memorable.

Meet Jevon Zyp

Meet Jevon Zyp

Jevon Zyp started in the cat ski industry straight out of high school. He was hooked from day one and was soon dreaming of one day owning his own cat skiing business. Excited by his passion and wanting to help her son fulfill his dream, Lynn Schwartz came on board as her son’s business partner and they began developing their company. Skeena Cat Skiing Inc. began operations in 2010 and the business has continued to grow each year since.

As it turned out, Jevon and Lynn work very well together. “We both have very different roles and very different experiences which complement each other,” says Lynn. Jevon acts as the Operations Manager, which includes keeping all the equipment maintained, building the snow roads and making sure the terrain is utilized efficiently. Jevon is on site everyday. Lynn handles all things administrative including advertising and accounting. It is her voice you will hear when you call the office to book your cat skiing adventure.

The business welcomes guests from all over the world. They come for Canada’s legendary ski conditions and the opportunity to see its rugged BC back country. Skeena Cat Skiing’s tenure has a history of incredible annual snowfalls and dry, pristine powder. Lynn and Jevon enjoy getting to know their guests and hearing about their unique backgrounds.

"Operating a business in an area that is not known for skiing comes with a lot of challenges, but we are dedicated to getting the "word" out and helping to make Northwest BC a skiing destination."

New Hazelton, BC V0J 2J0


Please contact Lynn or Jevon for more information or to book your ski adventure.

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