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Rural Roots Learning Consortium is a unique social enterprise that delivers training and mentorship to community change makers. Rural Roots Learning Consortium also offers a suite of consulting services to help community groups organize to make change happen in their community. This small town, grassroots enterprise is dedicated to the success of its local economy and those who call the region home, yet is making waves on a national scale.

The Consortium was founded by the Storytellers’ Foundation, an organization that has been recognized by Tides Canada which awarded it the Top 100 Change Makers Award. The Foundation is also the recipient of the Canadian Council of the Federation Literacy Award and the Deryk Thompson award for exceptional achievement in community development from SPARC BC.

Rural Roots Learning Consortium is a member of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet).

Meet Storytellers' Foundation & Executive Director Anne Docherty

Meet Storytellers' Foundation & Executive Director Anne Docherty

The success of Rural Roots Learning Consortium is dependent on relationships and connectedness. Fortunately, the Hazeltons are communities who have long recognized the importance of relationships. "We're here for each other, even when we disagree we still know how to live as neighbours," says Rural Roots Executive Director Anne Docherty.

This social enterprise was born as an initiative of the Storytellers' Foundation. Rural Roots Learning Consortium's mandate is to foster learning and champion mentoring and relationships with the goal of helping people and community groups organize to make change happen in their community. As a social enterprise, Rural Roots Learning Consortium does not rely on government funding for its operating costs. It generates its own funding through the services it provides. In fact, this spirit of independence and self reliance is part of the group's philosophy. "Being an entrepreneur gives us a sense of pride and it keeps cash inside our own small towns." says Anne.

Even more critical to its success, says Anne, are the change-makers who contribute to the ongoing success of Rural Roots Learning Consortium. "We believe the greatest resource small towns have is the human resource. As entrepreneurs we invest in that resource and we want to build as many diverse relationships as we can," Anne declares. Because of the people who support the effort either as employees, volunteers or supporters, Rural Roots is able to provide exceptional training and mentorship that makes a difference in the community at large. Says Anne, "the feedback we get has always told us it was the best training/mentorship a person has had."

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