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Mykiss Fine Woodworking produces artisan-quality, original-design wood furniture, cabinetry, boxes, tables and chairs and decorative items with distinctive artistic flair and workmanship. Applying traditional, old-school principles and design methods, artisan Todd Stockner creates contemporary yet timeless designs built durably and made to last forever. This includes creating many pieces and parts on vintage machinery and equipment which he has collected over the years. His devotion to a traditional way of building is evident in all of his finished products. Todd weaves his appreciation for the natural environment into every design, starting at the beginning with his choice of wood all the way to the finished product. “Mykiss” is part of the Latin name for “steelhead” and reflective of Todd’s passion for fishing and for a species that plays a big role in the region’s environment and the magnificent rivers that flow through this area.

Meet Todd Stockner

Meet Todd Stockner

To Todd Stockner, there is no better place on earth than Hazelton and the Kispiox Valley region for a wood worker like him. Not only is there an abundance of natural material available, the sources for inspiration are endless. Working with wood on a daily basis, Todd has developed a deep appreciation for the beauty and fine details of the different types of wood that he uses as well as the sources from which his wood has come. Knowing that his life's work is dependent upon the natural environment, Todd spends a lot of his own time on issues relating to responsible stewardship of the earth and the natural resources here in the Kispiox Valley. He is a founding member and an active supporter of the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition and is passionate about preserving the local ecosystem so that future generations will be able to enjoy it as it is today.

Todd and his wife live on a rural property outside of Hazelton where they also operate Dawn Chorus Bed and Breakfast. Rural living is something Todd would never trade for a place in the city. From his home and his workshop (which he built himself from the ground up) he is able to enjoy the sounds of birds singing and the breeze blowing without any background noise like city traffic. It is also the ideal vantage point to observe the changing of the seasons, which is so distinctive and beautiful in this area. Being able to live in this remote and spectacular location, and to do work that he loves in order to make that possible is something that Todd is grateful for every day.

Todd also appreciates the rich culture and heritage of this region, which also serves to inspire his work. He notes that there are many skilled, talented carvers within the First Nations community and Todd has been privileged to work with some of them throughout the years. "I am genuinely impressed and inspired by them," he says. There is a long tradition of wood carving in this area, and being immersed in that culture and tradition is something that Todd does not take for granted.

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