Mercedes Beans & Model Teas


Mercedes Beans & Model Teas is small-town coffee shop making a big impression on coffee lovers throughout BC and across North America. Mercedes Beans & Model Teas starts by selecting Fairtrade® premium quality and certified organic coffee beans grown at high elevations from the world’s best coffee-growing countries around the world. Next, fresh coffee beans are roasted right on site using a unique hot-air process that produces a superior, uniform flavour. Roasting is an art form at Mercedes Beans & Model Teas, where beans are roasted in small batches rather than in bulk. This provides more control over the finished quality of the bean and a tastier, more refined cup of coffee with clean, clear, distinctive flavour. Customers can enjoy coffee or espresso beverages or pick up a bag of coffee beans for brewing at home. Custom roasting and direct shipping of beans is also available.

Mercedes Beans & Model Teas doesn’t stop with the bean. It’s also well-known for its exceptional selection of loose herbal, green, black, oolong and rooibos (red) teas and tea bags. In fact, it carries the best and most diverse selection of teas north of Vancouver. Other hot and cold beverages, delicious smoothies and fine locally-made desserts and savoury snacks are also available. Take a break and relax in Mercedes Beans & Model Teas’ indoor private seating area. In the summer months guests can take their drinks outdoors in the tea garden. Mercedes Beans & Model Teas also boasts an inviting retail area filled with delightful gift ideas for all ages.

The Mercedes Beans & Model Teas logo is symbolic of the company’s unique partnership with its growers and with the Gitxsan people. The left half represents the African countries from where Mercedes Beans & Model Teas buys many of its coffees. The right half honours the Gitxsan Territories where Mercedes Beans & Model Teas is located and where its staff live. Together, both sides represent the multiculturalism of the coffees and teas from around the world.

Mention you saw Mercedes Beans & Model Teas on Love the Hazeltons and get a free regular coffee with the purchase of a logo travel mug, or get a $10 gift certificate when you spend $100.

Meet Belinda & Reinhold Steinbeisser

Meet Belinda & Reinhold Steinbeisser

Belinda and Reinhold Steinbeisser made a deliberate decision to start a business in Old Hazelton. Years ago, "many businesses had pulled out of Old Hazelton,” notes Belinda, and locals had begun referring to it as a “ghost town.” This was disturbing to Belinda and Reinhold, who are passionate about their hometown and have a deep affinity for the region as a whole. People still needed services, and the Steinbeissers wanted to help meet some of those needs, not the least of which was an exceptional cup of coffee. Belinda and Reinhold are true coffee fans, so they bring in Arabica coffee beans which come from high elevations of 3,000 - 5,000 feet and produce a more distinctive, less acidic and caffeinated coffee. As well as serving coffee beverages, they also sell coffee beans which they roast on site using a unique hot-air process. In fact, they are one of only about 15 hot-air coffee roasting companies in all of North America. Most roasters use gas roasting systems which is the least expensive way to roast in bulk, and which can also leave an unpleasant after-taste. Their hot-air roasting method eliminates this problem and produces a more uniform and flavourful bean and, thus, a superior cup of java.

The Steinbeissers have been in business since 2002, and have become the local go-to place not just for an amazing cup of coffee but also for its special selection of teas, desserts and other fabulous foods. In fact, people come from other communities to enjoy their menu, and this has allowed the Steinbeissers to realize their goal of helping keep Old Hazelton vital. Belinda and Reinhold are especially pleased to be able to provide jobs for locals and valuable business training for young people. They also feel privileged to be able to offer products and services that are otherwise not readily available in the area. Their business allows them to support more than 60 non-profit organizations.

The Hazeltons are a tight-knit community of people. Though “neighbours” may be spread out across rural areas, they take the time to get to know one another and always look out for each other. People are friendly and helpful and care about their community. Not only are its people wonderful, say Belinda and Reinhold, but the Hazeltons are charming, surrounded by pristine natural scenery and filled with fresh clean air. Top that off with affordability and no traffic, and it’s simply an incredible place to live.

1625 Omineca St
Hazelton, BC V0J 1Y0


Monday to Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday (Summer Only)
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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