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The Hazelton area serves as a rich backdrop which allows artist, Leah Pipe to engage her creativity and intuitive eye and has served as her artistic inspiration for over 20 years. Her highly acclaimed artwork features northern themes such as ravens, salmon, totems, mountains, wildlife and the rich cultural history of BC’s Northwest and Coastal regions. Leah works with pencil on paper and acrylic on canvas, adding to her ever-growing portfolio. Each year, she accepts by request a list of custom commission artworks designed specifically for individual clients. Contact Leah Pipe directly to place a request for your own custom commissioned artwork.

Meet Leah Pipe

Meet Leah Pipe

For someone whose life’s work is inspired by the natural environment, the Hazeltons is a home that is filled with exciting and uplifting subject matter. Artist Leah Pipe loves her rural, small-town community which she draws from every day to create her northern-themed artwork. Her art reflects both natural and a cultural/historic themes and her passion for the region is evident. “We are located in a beautiful natural environment surrounded by rivers and mountains,” says Leah. “It is incredibly beautiful here each and every season.”

What really makes the town special, even more than its spectacular scenery, the colourful four seasons and the abundant wildlife, are the wonderful people who live here. “Everyone knows everyone and supports each other,” Leah says. The population is diverse, adding to the distinctive sense of culture that surrounds the Hazeltons.

Leah’s own family history is steeply rooted in the region, going back four generations, something that she is proud of. Staying here and starting a business just made sense to her. “Dreams can be accomplished here,” she says. She puts her heart and soul into her art career, giving careful attention to the many minute details that tell a story and one of her biggest rewards is when people view her artwork and say "wow! You've captured the heartbeat of the North!" says Leah. She continues to be inspired daily by her surroundings and when she is not busy working as the Visual Communicator for Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, she is hard at work creating new art, spending time in nature and connecting with her northern communities.

Hazelton, BC


Email or check out Leah's website for more information or to arrange a purchase.

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