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Take part in an educational and profound experience with Gitxsan Tours. Guests are whisked away to another time and place, soaking in all the history, culture and ancient stories that together encompass the Gitxsan people and way of life.

Your friendly guide is full of a wealth of knowledge and first-hand accounts of local customs, beliefs and traditional places of significance. Each tour can be customized to focus on differing aspects of Gitxsan culture, creating a new experience for repeat guests. A primary highlight is the majestic totem poles, offering an impressive view and an unforgettable learning experience into indigenous histories. Additional highlights include a smoke house tour, totem pole carving tour and a visit to the original settlement of the Gitxsan people.

For a phenomenal insight that embraces Gitxsan heritage and people, consider a journey with Gitxsan Tours in Kispiox. Call today and broaden your prospective on the world!

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Meet Vance Skulsh

Meet Vance Skulsh

Larry Vance has an infectious can-do attitude that drives him to regularly expand his knowledge of the world. He is always seeking out additional information of his own culture, and while sensing a demand from the tourism industry for indigenous experiences, Larry came upon the perfect business endeavour.

“My philosophy is that everyone has something to offer. We are all teachers, thus we are all learners,” states Larry. “It takes an open mind and open heart to keep up the learning.”

The scenery, the culture and the history is Kispiox and the Hazelton area are unlike anything else on the planet. Larry believes that the word has gotten out about its beauty, and is optimistic about the future potential of his hometown, noting an increase in visitors to the region. The Hazelton area is home to wonderful trail systems, gorgeous rivers and boasts a sense of peacefulness with a connected community base. Larry enjoys getting out into nature regularly and participating in the popular sports culture with his family. The Hazeltons is a great place to live, stay or play!

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