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Imagine if you will, a farmland where all plants are grown with positive purpose. Where every bud is spoken to, every bloom is asked permission to be harvested and the planet is kept in mind in every single strategy. Herbs here are grown with healing intent from seed to harvest. Predators including the plant and insect variety are free to roam. Great Pyrennes guardian dogs and rare American Bashkir Curly horses deal wisely with bears, wolves, coyotes and wildcats. The vast wetlands provide a safe home for a thriving population of amphibians and visitors can be welcomed by moose who are feeding on the willows.

Welcome to Flying Hands Farm.

Flying Hands Farm is home to Reiki Master Magdalena Bajer and her micro business, Granny M’s.

From this land, Granny M produces healing herbal salves and toothpaste powder. Available year round, these benign products are developed to promote healing and alleviate pain. Visitors to Flying Hands Farm are also invited to receive Reiki and water immersion healing from Granny M. With over three decades of healing practice behind her, guests will literally be in trusted hands.

Let your healing begin from your inside out, come out and spend some time with Granny M at Flying Hands Farm.

Meet Magdalena Bajer

Meet Magdalena Bajer

Magdalena has always known that her calling was to heal. Growing up a child of war damaged parents, she craved and welcomed the ability to help and influence people who were suffering because of physical or non-physical damage. For over 30 years, Magdalena has studied various relief treatments and human needs including women’s rights, feminism, eastern philosophy, meditation techniques.

Magdalena or Granny M, as she is also fondly known as, has also spent over three decades gardening and farming from a healing perspective. She uses her energy to communicate with her land and everything that grows through it. Each and every plant, herb or vegetable is asked permission prior to harvest and everything is given thanks afterwards. Weeds are loved or at the least tolerated and kindly dealt with. She uses these herbs and so called weeds to create her salves and natural products.

She wants to create a space where people can come and be one with nature where they are invited to feed off the land, visit with the local wildlife and receive holistic treatments to soothe their souls.

Magdalena uses the natural environment for her healing procedures and a nearby lake, plus water from the farm spring in her cold water immersion therapy. This therapy is known to activate the body’s natural healing powers and can relieve the symptoms of many medical conditions. Living in the Wet’suwet’en territory in the northwest of British Columbia gives easy access to the needed chilly waters-about 10 months out of the year are considered cold by standards around the world.

The healer also offers the practice of Reiki: an ancient eastern technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Her energy is administered through her hands, helping the patient reset their life force energy and reintroducing a positive energy to flow through their body.

In the summer, Flying Hands Farm grows both garlic and onions. These are considered by many to be some of the best cancer prevention foods to consume. When the weather is right for mushrooms to emerge the farm lies on a mushroom root system that produces wild mushrooms without having to go far. While most of the other produce that is grown on the farm will go to nourish guests of the house, Granny M invites everyone to come check out her farm and much that is in abundance can be made available for purchase. It all depends on what the climate is encouraging to grow that season.

Even the bees can feel the positivity of Magdalena’s farm and she has received not one, not two, but four swarms this year! “I wasn’t planning on keeping bees but they’ve made that decision for me.” Beeswax is used to thicken the herbal salves naturally. With all the "weeds" that are encouraged at Flying Hands Farm it has become a pollinator sanctuary place, as well as a predator sanctuary place.

There is a freedom in being a business owner according to Magdalena but more than that her business was created to heal. She is interested in supplementing this world with more kindness and positive. And although maybe modest, she has made a living doing what she was intended to do. “I haven’t made millions of dollars but I’ve helped hundreds of people, some with serious problems.” Granny M explains.

The space has been created where people can come and be one with nature, where they are invited to feed off the land, visit with the local wildlife and receive holistic treatments to soothe their souls.

7822 Highway 16 W
The Hazeltons, BC V0J 2N1


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