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Derek Flynn Photography offers a unique opportunity to capture you in the moment, share your timeless adventures and bring you along for the ride through its stunning prints and books. Professional photographer Derek Flynn draws upon his love for the outdoors and his connection to the Hazelton region to create inspiring portraits that artfully capture both the subjects and the surroundings. Derek Flynn Photography offers individual and family lifestyle photography as well as wedding and event photography. Derek Flynn’s work has been published in magazines, and his video work has been broadcasted on BC’ Huffington Post. Derek was also a runner up in the Skeena Wild Photography Competition.

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Meet Derek Flynn

Meet Derek Flynn

Derek Flynn is inspired by nature. Not surprisingly, it is one of the things that drew him to the art of photography, and in the Hazeltons there is no shortage of subject matter to work with. "We have some of the most awe inspiring views and natural resources in the world," says Derek. "When I go for a walk all I see are stunning landscapes." He usually takes his camera with him for those walks, and he has managed to capture some striking shots of the nature that is distinctive to the Hazeltons... the mountains, rivers, lakes, fields, forests and diverse wildlife. For Derek, it is a way to appreciate the nuances of nature and to share his excitement and wonder with those around him.

Derek also photographs people, and it gives him a sense of joy and fulfilment to be able to freeze a moment in time for someone, whether it's a special day like a wedding or just an ordinary day in someone's life. The Hazeltons, says Derek, is a region filled with amazing people and he feels privileged to be able to provide a service that brings a smile to people's faces.

Derek is also proud to be a part of what he sees as a burgeoning business community that is concerned not just with itself but with making the community a better place. He sees business owners working at making real, tangible contributions to the community while at the same time providing a means of self-support for themselves and their staff. Derek knows that small business isn't always easy, but he has confidence in what he sees in the Hazeltons. "With hard work and community support any business can flourish here."

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