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Combs Custom Builders has built a reputation on quality and building done right. Since 2004, Combs Custom Builders has been designing and renovating exceptional spaces with a focus on energy efficiency, green building and lasting workmanship. Combs Custom Builders is a member of Built Green Canada, giving customers the option of building a “green” home that is energy-efficient and eligible to receive an Energuide rating and Built Green certification. Combs Custom Builders is committed to the science of home-building as well as original, extraordinary design for harmonious, energetic spaces that deliver health, well-being and superior living.

Combs Custom Builders is a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Canadian Home-Builders Association, the Homeowner Protection Office, Built Green Canada and National Home Warranty.

Meet Tim Combs

Meet Tim Combs

Tim Combs has been building and renovating homes in one capacity or another for several decades. His dad and his brother were also home builders, and Tim worked with his father until the late 1990s before striking out on his own to do home renovations. He did this for several years until getting licensed and launching his own home-building business in 2004.

Energy-efficiency was barely on the general public's radar when Tim embraced it as a model for his business. It is something that he always had a passion for and went hand-in-hand with his philosophy of building spaces that are not just warm and aesthetically-beautiful ("I like to create spaces with good energy," Tim says) but genuinely healthy as well, both for its inhabitants and for the planet as a whole. "We really focus on the science that goes into home-building," says Tim, because it is important for him to know that his clients have a full, healthy and enjoyable living experience in a Combs Custom Builders home.

Tim and his wife live on a small rural farm along the spectacular Skeena River with a glorious mountain view. It is a true family farm, as Tim's parents and nephew also live on the property. Tim often spends his free time working on construction projects around the farm, like keeping up the chicken coops or building wood projects in his shop. They also have a garden and Tim's wife often sells produce and eggs at the local farmers market. Tim is a musician who likes to play drums in his spare time and has played in several different bands throughout the years. He is also an amateur photographer.

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