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Nestled below snow-capped mountain peaks and rocky cliffs, an hour and a half north of Smithers, is the world-renowned Kispiox Valley. Immerse yourself in the ruggedly stunning landscape, featuring the pristine streams of the Kispiox River, full of the world’s largest strain of wild Steelhead and spawning Salmon. Keep your eyes alert for grizzly and black bear, fishing along the rustling shores. Mountain goats balance precariously among towering flanks of sheer rock face, while the majestic call of the wolf echoes through the crisp, fresh air.

Tucked within all this northern beauty is Bear Claw Lodge, a luxury wilderness
retreat aimed at providing you with a true Canadian experience. Bear Claw Lodge is
a complete northern destination for the adventurous soul seeking an epic, life-
changing experience. The lodge is aimed at hosting year-round guests such as
fishermen, heli-skiiers, wedding parties, corporate retreats and wilderness lovers

Showcasing the unbelievable view of the Kispiox River and valley below, the lodge offers unique experiences and various accommodation options. With beautiful post-and-beam construction, guests will enjoy decadent 5 Star meals served with fresh, local ingredients.

After a day full of exciting adventures, kick back, put your feet up and soak in the sauna or hot tub, just steps outside of your private oasis. Treat yourself and your burning muscles with a soothing, professional massage.

Exciting expeditions and excursions are offered right outside your front door. Since 2014, Bear Claw Lodge has provided the up and coming adventurous generations with popular Eco-Wild Conservation Camps for kids.

Take the plunge and discover what it means to be one with nature at the beautiful Bear Claw Lodge. Their world-class service, delicious meals, stunning views and eco-wild adventures means your entire family will leave with a sense of wonderment.

Meet Gene & Joy Allen

Meet Gene & Joy Allen

Joy and Gene Allen are the real deal. Their families settled in the Hazelton area over 100 years ago and have remained there ever since. “We have deep roots here and we share a common appreciation for the history this area has,” says Joy. She loves the camaraderie that Hazelton exhibits. There’s a common willingness from everyone to help out and the vast number of volunteers are what really makes the community shine.

She is hopeful that the future is in small business. "Small businesses are more inclined to provide an elevated service, they tend to work harder, be more productive and involve the whole family," says Joy.

The Allens have created a world-class destination at the Bear Claw Lodge, reflecting the local cultures, people and history of the area. It is a real gem, as are the owners, the staff and the surrounding beauty of Hazelton.

“The fact that we’ve put together a business that isn’t taking away from anyone else is so fulfilling," says Joy. "We’ve created a job that enables not only my husband and I to make a living, but for our children to do so as well.”

The Hazeltons underscore the meaning of natural beauty. Bear Claw Lodge certainly does the area justice.

6271 Kispiox Valley Rd
Hazelton, BC V0J 1Y5


Contact Gene or Joy at the Bear Claw Lodge by email or website to request a contact form or to inquire about reservations.