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Roam Free Leather Works produces beautiful one of a kind leather accessories, jewellery and belts. At Roam Free Leather Works all items are handmade with attention to detail and quality. Lovely leather earrings, belts, wristbands and necklaces are available for purchase through Roam Free Leather Works. With over five years of leather work experience Lindsay, the artist behind the business, loves expressing herself through leather accessories. “It makes me smile to see people happily wearing my work,” said Lindsay.

Roam Free Leather Works products can be purchased by contacting Lindsay directly and are also available at Mountain Valley Organics.

Meet Lindsay Gericke

Meet Lindsay Gericke

"The people in this valley have their priorities figured out," said Lindsay, "take care of each other, have fun, adventure and grow/catch/eat your own food." Lindsay is a P.E. teacher in the community and loves living in Hagensborg where residents have lots of love to share. Lindsay feels the area has so much beauty and loves skiing, hiking and adventuring with her husband and kids. She also loves her business, Roam Free Leather Works. She likes doing business in a small town because she is able to design specific pieces for people she knows and she can take the time to connect directly with the customers. "I get to talk with the people who purchase my jewellery and help them choose or have me design something that suits their style," Lindsay said.

When she isn't busy with her business, teaching P.E. or adventuring in the mountains, she enjoys simply spending time with her family in their beautiful home.

1941 Olsen Rd
Hagensborg, BC V0T 1H0


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