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The fine work created by Marc Hedges at Nusatsum Studio comes from an inspiration of the beautifully untamed, northern wilderness.

Made in the Bella Coola Valley, Marc’s art features handmade pottery, paintings, digital art and digital services.  Using a host of mediums, Marc is proficient in a variety of artistic styles. Each eclectic piece at Nusatsum Studio captures the true essence of coastal living.

Marvel in the award-winning collections. Take home your very own hand-crafted ceramic creations and showcase Canadiana at its finest. Hand-spun bowls, mugs, teapots, vases and beyond decorate the shelves. Nusatsum Studio happily accepts any commissioned work, a moving way to memorialize your vision.

For anyone looking for a treasured keep-sake or impressive gift, Nusatsum Studio offers all of that and so much more.

Meet Marc Hedges

Meet Marc Hedges

Marc Hedges lives and breathes art in every way. His whole life has been devoted to his passions, spending his young adulthood studying sculpture, design and drawing in Manitoba. A few years later, Marc moved to British Columbia, rounding out his artistic expertise. He then focused his skills on painting and ceramics, finishing with an Honours Degree.

Absorbing the art world like a sponge, Marc felt compelled to share his knowledge and fervor. In 1994 he obtained a Teaching Certification in Art from the University of Victoria.

Hagensborg and the Bella Coola Valley exude a peaceful existence and it's landscape is a work of art. Marc felt at ease in the community, growing fond of the spirit and friendly people. He spends much of his time creating in his studio or sharing in recreational activities with his son.

“I like creating things people use, enjoy and value,” says Marc.

2835 Jourdenais Rd N
Hagensborg, BC V0T 1H0


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