Lucille Thompson – Visual Artist


Lucille is a talented Visual Artist who loves painting water scenes, wildlife, and portraits. She is inspired by her home in the central coast and produces oil, acrylic and watercolour paintings of various sizes. Lucille’s art is always original, selling one of a kind paintings directly from her easel to your wall.

Lucille is a self-trained Artist whose years of daily, dedicated practice have resulted in a well-rounded talent that translates into beautiful original paintings. You can find Lucille, and her original art, at community events such as the Bella Coola Farmers Market, craft sales and the annual art sale event held annually every summer.

Meet Lucille Thompson

Meet Lucille Thompson

Lucille was born in Saskatchewan and moved to Hagensborg in 1958 and raised five children in what was primarily a logging community. She worked at a weather station and is now enjoying her retirement. "I love the mountains here," said Lucille, "the Coast Mountains are so beautiful and I have an affinity for painting mountains."

Lucille loves the setting of her hometown and enjoys the viewing platform at Rip Rap Campsite. "It's close to the river and looks upriver to the impressive mountains," said Lucille. Lucille points out that the scenery of her home is not the only spectacular thing about Hagensborg, the people are fantastic too. "The people are kind and genuine people, all of us, the First Nations people are doing great work here and it's just really a good place to live and a good place to raise kids," Lucille said.

Lucille is up early every day and painting. She has a penchant for art and says she "can't not paint." Her formal training took place with Lynel Anfinson, a Mormon and an Artist who came to the Bella Coola Valley on a mission. "She opened a door for me that was truly a gift," said Lucille. When she is away from her brushes she also enjoys walking and visiting with her friends. Lucille is part of an artist group, The Group of Seven Plus, that meets weekly. Her daily practice and weekly meetings have grown her gift for art into a robust professional art business.

Lucille was inspired to make her work available for public purchase by her family and friends and has sold works to many international visitors to the Central Coast. Interested customers can track Lucille down at community events and celebrations or contact her directly to book a private viewing of her studio.

2898 Hwy 20
Hagensborg, BC V0T 1H0


Studio hours are by appointment. Please contact Lucille to arrange a time to visit the studio.

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