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Little Nook Photography is run by photographer Gwyneth Anderson. Little Nook Photography has experience with all types of photography sessions such as portraits, weddings, boudoir and nature photography.

Photographer Gwyneth enjoys taking photos of beautiful things and turning them into art. Little Nook Photography can provide a variety of sizes of high-quality prints to clients of their photo session. Gwyneth is both reliable and punctual with her services and you can count on Little Nook Photography for all your photography needs.

Gwyneth’s entrepreneurial spirit for local and handmade food and refreshments resulted in her second Valley business, Little Nook Café which you can experience first hand.

Meet Gwyneth Anderson

Meet Gwyneth Anderson

Gwyneth loves living in her hometown of Hagensborg because "it is a beautiful and simple life with a lot of room for creativity to flourish." She enjoys the area's outdoor beauty, the endless inspiration and the ample room for adventures. She likes to spend time exploring outdoors and simply relaxing with her boyfriend and their "furry family." "There is so much opportunity to get outside and just enjoy life here," said Gwyneth, "it is what makes Bella Coola such a great place to live."

Gwyneth is a photographer and runs her own business, Little Nook Photography. She enjoys being an entrepreneur for the freedom to be herself and operate her business the way she knows is best. There are many small businesses in Bella Coola and one example that Gwyneth recommends is Moutain Valley Organics for their super friendly staff and their consistently great products.

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